Chumkriel Language School

Chumkriel Language School


 Chumkriel Language School was founded in 2005 by Nget Sokonthy, a local teacher (known affectionately to the students as Mr Thy). Chumkriel provides Khmer (Cambodian native language), and English lessons to over 100 primary-aged children during the day, and English classes to over 500 students during the evening. It is a life-changing programme. Many families work in the rice paddies or the salt fields; they live in small thatch houses where there is often no sanitation, toilet, or running water.  Without Chumkriel, children in Kampot would receive no education and work the salt fields with their parents. Chumkriel provides a community outreach program which builds homes and toilets for the neediest families, assists with water supplies, and tackles other basic needs of the community.  

Writer's Toolbox has rolled their sleeves up, picked up an axe, and built houses with the support of Chumkriel Language School. And will continue to do so.


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All proceeds from the Writer's Toolbox Writing Journals go to helping the students at Chumkriel Language School. The journals are available for purchase on our Classroom Resources page.