Lina's Hope

Lina's Hope



Lina’s Hope was started by Heap and Jennifer Him. Heap and Jennifer Him have served as missionaries to Cambodia with CRM/Innerchange for over a decade. 

In the early 2000’s, Jennifer and Heap up-routed their new family to move to Cambodia founding Lina’s hope. The organisation is a therapy centre for disabled children in rural Cambodia. Currently, there are no NGO’s providing aid for children and young adults with severe brain injuries in the Krong-Kampot region. While the government has only identified 16% of Cambodian to be living with a disability–low by international standards–many disabled people are hidden away by family in rural communities. In severe cases, this can lead to abuse or abandonment.

Lina’s hope provide employment and a live-in opportunity for a parent or guardian who want to support their child but are living in poverty. This provides a greater level of understanding between parent and child, and helps them with the end goal which is to facilitate them back into their community.


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