Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day

Writer's Toolbox Daily Task: Dress Up Day

It's Dress Up Day at school. 

What did Dad use to whip up a last-minute costume for Milly?  

Craft your BEST story in TEN minutes. 

Stop dilly-dallying and get typing! 9 minutes 59 seconds…

Milly's dad, a caring man, wanted Milly to shine bright at her dress up day today. Tirelessly, he worked day and night to craft a super special surprise costume for his wonderful daughter. Excited, Milly dashed downstairs and tore open the wrapping paper, revealing a cardboard box. Opening up the cardboard box, Milly's heart raced with anticipation... She reached inside the mystery box to reveal a heavy- but magnificent pair of wings with a back attachment perfectly fitted for little Milly.
The fabulous wings were glorious, broadly stretching on either side of her. Enthusiastically, she sprinted upstairs to her balcony, and prepared to take the leap. In her head, she counted down 3, 2, 1... She was off. Not off into the distance, but off towards the painful looking tarmac. She didn't have enough time to even scream, her 8 year old body splattered onto the pavement, leaving a horrible mess for her grieving father to clear up. 
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