Writer's Toolbox Latest Updates

Writer's Toolbox Latest Updates

Dear Writer's Toolbox Family,

Just a quick update on Writer's Toolbox from us.

Over 20 great how-to videos now uploaded on Writer's Toolbox YouTube. At your own pace, learn everything from how to set tasks, to using the writers, to tracking student performance. 

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Kids with laptop 1and Graph Sentence Graphs Now Available

You and your students can see at anytime the range of sentences you're casting.  Go to the performance page and click on the new Sentence Graph tab. Set your own goals and targets; have great learning discussions.

LapTop 1 White task builder Better Task Organisation

You asked for it; we built it.  New task folder organisation with handy pop-ups to show active versus draft tasks. Plus, full drag-and-drop folder architecture. Organise your tasks any way you like. Enjoy.


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The Writer's Toolbox Team

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