Card Packs

Card Packs

Our card packs are here to bring the enjoyment back to writing.  

From the Sentence Pack, where you'll be put to the test by the 20-word challenge to the Creativity Pack, an assortment of images that will get the creative juices flowing—you'll have your students crafting sentences like the pros in no time.



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Creativity Pack (2nd Edition)

Complements the Sentence Pack

These Creativity Cards are a great way to excite the creative writer in your classroom and help them to build strong writing skills. Using kinaesthetic and visual skills, students learn how to sequence and imagine stories, building storylines in a way that encompasses both left and right-brain skills. For all these games, actively encouraging reading stories out loud and showing cards that reflect the portion of the story. 


Pack Includes 60 picture cards:   Game Instructions Include:
  • 15 Emotion Cards
  • 15 Action Cards
  • 15 Character Cards
  • 15 Setting Cards
  • 4 Instruction Cards
  • My First Story
  • Short Story Challenge
  • The Best Opening
  • Picture Slam
  • The 20-point Slam  





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Sentence Pack (2nd Edition)

Complements the Creativity Pack

This pack of 60 cards is designed to help your students improve sentence-writing skill and fluency. The pack contains 30 Sentence Cards (an assortment of 12 sentence styles), plus 15 Expert Cards featuring expert writing techniques to stretch your young writers and 15 Wild Cards, which are fun and whacky challenges. The combination of cards allows for many different classroom applications and games. 


Pack Includes 60 Challenge Cards:   Game Instructions Include:
  • 30 Sentence Cards (blue dots)
  • 15 Expert Cards (green dots)
  • 15 Wild Cards (orange dots)
  • 4 Instruction Cards
  • Expand Your Tool Kit
  • Integration into Existing Tasks
  • The Most Wins
  • Expert Challenge
  • Short Story Challenge  



Sentence Snap 

 The traditional game of Snap is reimagined with a nifty writing twist. This pack of 54 cards is designed to improve your sentence-writing skills as you play. Play Sentence Snap or any of your favourite card games. The pack includes 52 playing cards with each of the 12 Ways to Write a Sentence represented (e.g. the Ace cards represent the Simple Sentence), 2 Jokers, and instructions for an assortment of classroom games.  

Skate board girl box 04 Playing Cards:

  • Ace (Simple Sentence)
  • 2 (Very Short Sentence)
  • 3 (Power Sentence)
  • 4 (Red, White, and Blue Sentence)
  • 5 (Adverb Start Sentence)
  • 6 (Preposition Start Sentence)
  • 7 (-ING Start Sentence)
  • 8 (-ED Start Sentence)
  • 9 (Semi-colon Sentence)
  • 10 (EM-Dash Sentence)
  • Jack (W-Start Sentence)
  • Queen (Explore the Subject Sentence)
  • King (20-word Challenge)


Game Instructions:

  • Sentence Snap/ Sentence Snap Advanced
  • Memory Game/ Memory Game Advanced
  • Continuous Story/ Continuous Story (Advanced)
  • The Shortest Story
  • Pyramid Story